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Online promotion for Listerine with winning moments and direct prizes for Spain and Portugal.

The name of the promo itself, Listerine® 21-day Challenge, is the best way to describe what it meant for the team. Listerine® contacted us via one of the major publicity agencies that we had been working with to request a very innovative development which its developing team in Europe had not been able to accomplish… all that in record time, given that the pre-campaign was underway, as well as the launch of the challenge in Spain and Portugal.

The campaign was a huge success!

International promotion - Multi-language

Complex prize mechanism

Participation manager

Multimedia control

User Tracking

Home Promo

The promotion was created with the purpose of encouraging customers to use the product for 3 weeks in a row and thus verify the results. The mechanics consisted of tracking users, so that, after registering on the web, they will participate every week by viewing videos and thus opt for the different prizes that were available in each of the phases.

The prizes were activated at certain times within the promotion date and were specific to each of the phases. This was combined with another parallel prize, participation with each record. Likewise, those users who had viewed at least the first 3 videos on time obtained a participation in a final draw of € 6,000.

Users admin

Customized admin panel

We also developed a custom data manager (CMS) to control the status of participations, phases and report generation to keep the customer up to date.

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