Win a Philips kitchen appliance with Scottex® Promo


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Online promotion for Scottex and Philips with winning moments and direct prizes.

For us, this project marked a step forward towards progressing in the world of promoting and contests, as we took on all phases of the online campaign. Besides the duties of design, page layout, development and site support, other tasks were added, such as prize control, securing and detecting fraudulent participations, records and reports to the client for awarding and distributing prizes during the course of the promotion.

We developed a microsite to promote the products of two leading brands in this country, such as Scottex and Philips, who worked together in the same action, the first one providing the entire promotional platform, and the latter offering its most recent products as prizes.

Comprehensive management of participations

Instant prizes

Promotion CMS

Reports and statistics

User Support

Landing Page

As for the implementation, it was about enabling and validating the participations and enabling the delivery of prizes by activating them at certain times within the promotion date. We also developed for the occasion a data manager to control the status of the participations and the winners and generate reports to keep the client up to date.