Corporate Website and Recipe Blog


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Corporative website for Sempio, one of the main soy and oriental sauce brands on the market.

For us, this project meant a leap forward in the quality of design and the variety of content structure in WordPress.

The Korean brand, Sempio, decided to make the leap with its products to Europe and we were chosen to make its website live up to the expectations. The brand’s management set the bar high, but their amazing graphic and copy material made work much easier.

The result is a website that is poised to become the benchmark in the culinary world, in both helping the brand to be recognized and searching delicious recipes presented by the best Spanish chefs of the hour.


International launch of the brand

Plug-ins and theme customization


Search Engines Optimisation

A very demanding design

A nivel de desarrollo, tuvimos que crear widgets y pequeños plugins para cubrir necesidades de los contenidos y también aumentar las funcionales de la plantilla/theme para conseguir los resultados esperados. Además, se adaptó completamente la plantilla para que sea perfectamente visible desde cualquier dispositivo.